The Rogue Prince by Lindsay Buroker

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Starseer, pilot, and animal lover Jelena Marchenko wants to prove to her parents that she’s ready to captain her own freighter and help run the family business. When she finally talks them into getting a second ship and letting her fly it, it doesn’t faze her that the craft is decades old and looks like a turtle. This is the chance she’s craved for years.

But it’s not long before the opportunity to rescue mistreated lab animals lures her from her parentally approved cargo run and embroils her in a battle between warring corporations. To further complicate matters, her childhood friend Thorian, prince of the now defunct Sarellian Empire, is in trouble with Alliance law and needs her help.

Torn between her duty to her family and doing what she believes is honorable, Jelena is about to learn that right and wrong are never as simple as they appear and that following your heart can get you killed.

My Review

When I first started reading this book, I wasn’t so sure about it. But before long I found myself hooked! Jelena is a feisty and hilarious main character. She’s a pilot of her own freighter (well, temporary pilot) and she has a passion for helping less fortunate beings: especially animals. That’s what starts the adventure: her decision to free lab animals who are being held captive and tortured by an independent research company.

One escapade follows another after she makes the fateful decision to rescue those creatures. What I loved the best about this book was the character development. Jelena is wonderful, of course, but the side characters are equally engaging. Erick is hilarious and I think he may be carrying a hidden torch for Jelena even though she is blind to it and the reader is focused on Thorian and Jelena’s attraction to him. I think there’s a spark between Erick and her that may be revealed in future books.

Thorian, on the other hand, is an Anakin Skywalker type. He has taken to using his powers to seek revenge for the deaths of his family living the life of an assassin and now there is bounty on the his head. Jelena believes she can save him but he seems past the point of saving to me (even though we would like to see that in the end).

I can’t wait to see what the next adventure in this series brings with it! A fun, scifi read – check it out!


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