Book Review Policy

**NOTE: As of January 2018, we are only able to review audio books (preferably through Audible). If you have an audio book you would like reviewed, please email All other submissions are currently CLOSED except for cookbooks. If you are the author of a cook book, see below.**

We will accept all genres of YA literature, though our preferred genres are fantasy, dysoptian, romance and contemporary realistic fiction.

We cannot guarantee a review of every book we receive. We are open and honest with our reviews and thus cannot promise to give every book a positive review.  All reviews are shared via,, and linked to on Facebook and Twitter. Reviewers include Cathi Shaw and guest reviewers.

Please send any questions or inquiries to gmail (dot) com. We apologize that we are unable to reply to all requests for review.

Note: Unless otherwise noted in a review, all books reviewed on this site are either purchased by us, gifted to us, or borrowed from the library.

Cookbooks Note from Cathi: I am a passionate cook and have a brand new kitchen to cook in. My family prefers vegan, vegetarian and healthy food choices. We do not own a barbecue and I am not interested in meat-heavy books. I do review books that incorporate the slow cooker (including meat-based) as I work long hours and have a two hour commute. If you have a book that fits this description I will review both mobi files and hard copies.

Tips to Insure Your Book is Reviewed:

We prefer Audible format. We do accept other audio files; however, anything that takes more work to open, is less likely to be reviewed.

If we email back and say we would like to review your book (although it may take some time), to insure your book is reviewed, send the Audible link (with coupon code) of the book rather than a thank you message with no attachment.

Do not attempt to comment on this page with details about your book. Send any review requests to the email noted above.

Note: I am an author who is always looking for reviews and I do understand that this is a time consuming process. It is in your best interests to READ the review policies of every blog you approach. You will be more likely to have someone review your book if you are familiar with them, their work and what they review. Also make sure you spell their name right. “Mrs. Shaw” or “Cathy” is not my name and makes me less interested in reviewing your book (it shows that your attention to detail is lacking which means your novel will likely be lacking).


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