Off it goes now …

… or not.  I’ve been procrastinating all day.  I have a couple more typos to eradicate from my document and then I must send it off but I’ve found every excuse to avoid sitting down getting to work.  For example, this blog entry.

Actually my first excuse was purchasing acid free, archive quality paper.  So I drove to Penticton and picked that up.  I also bought NEW PENS!  Methinks there is poetry bubbling beneath the surface, so I have my new pens at the ready.  Then I had to get groceries because my 13-year old son informed me that we were once again out of food.  While standing in line at the grocery store my cell phone rang with a call from my in-laws inviting me out for coffee.  By the time I returned home (with a new notebook to go with my pens – a congratulatory present from Dave & Muriel) it was time to finalize and send off our CASDW panel proposal and eat lunch.

Now I have one hour and twenty minutes until I have to pick up Matty and I’ve been temporarily immobilized by the realization that I will not have access to an academic library come the new year.  So I’ve spent the last hour scouring the Internet looking for job openings.  I found a couple – the most promising of which is in Newfoundland <!!!>.

Since I’m not willing to leave my beloved Okanagan Valley, I began looking at graduate school options (yes, seriously).  And then I came to the realization that I am completely at a lost for what to do outside the Academy.   I really didn’t think too hard about what would happen at the end of this road.  I’m so accustomed to opportunities falling into my lap that now I’m feeling a bit deflated.

Perhaps freelance copy editing is in my future after all.

Which brings me back to The Document as it sits patiently waiting for me to let it go.  After all this time, I’ve finally achieved what I’d hoped.  Not just a completed dissertation but one that has been highly praised.  And yet part of me just wants to hang onto it.  I’m not quite ready to turn this next corner, truly into the unknown.

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