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As many of you know, my wonderful publisher has put on a Holiday Sale for my book through their website. If you live in the USA, this is by far the best option.

However, we’ve discovered that for Canadian customers, between the exchange rate and the shipping costs, it might not be much of a deal (in fact, you may end up spending more for the book than if you ordered through Amazon).

I have a few options/suggestions for those of you in Canada who wants to get a copy of Finding Refuge or Five Corners (or both books) in your hands.

Ordering Both Books is offering free shipping for orders over $25. So if you are buying both books, seems to be the best deal. Make sure when ordering through Amazon that you request the May release of Book 1! Buylinks:

Five Corners (Book 1 of the Marked Ones):

Finding Refuge (Book 2 of the Marked Ones):

Second Option:

A second option is for you to purchase both books from me, but you would receive the first edition of Book 1 (it has a different cover and there are a few typos in the MS – none that change the meaning but they are there). I personally love the covers Chris Arlidge created for the series so I think it’s worth getting the 2nd edition of the book; however, if you are looking for a deal, I can offer you Book 1 (first edition) and Book 2 for $20 Cdn (plus shipping).

Ordering Book 2 Only

I will have copies of Book 2 in the next few weeks (there was a bit of a delay on those being shipped to me, so I actually have no copies right now but I will soon, I promise!). If you would like to order directly from me, the cost is $15 per book plus shipping if you live outside the Okanagan (my experience is that it is an extra $7 per book to ship).

Ordering Book 1 Only

I am currently out of copies of the second edition of Book 1. I will start a list of people who want to order Five Corners from me directly and if I get enough interest I will order more.

I do have a limited number of copies of the first edition of Book 1 – I am only offering those for sale when bundled with Book 2 (see above).

Kindle Prices

And if you have an iPad or an e-reader, the Kindle store offers both books at a cheaper price than the print version (and there’s no shipping OR waiting).

Buylinks for Canadian Kindle Store:

Five Corners:

Finding Refuge:

Confused? Send me an email:

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