Reimagining a Christmas Story

Today’s topic on the 12 Days of Christmas event by Readings and Things is reinventing a famous Christmas character. This is a tough task because, for a holiday geek like me, I love most of the stories that already exist! But if I had to rethink a Christmas tale, it Full Article

Christmas Memories

What is your favourite Christmas memory? Is there one that really stands out for you? I’m lucky to have so many great Christmas memories I don’t know if I could just pinpoint one of them. I’m very traditional. I like all the Christmas events that I grew up with and Full Article

Holiday Spirit!

I love December and the holidays. For as long as I can remember I’ve been completely batty over Christmastime. So the question has been asked: What gets you in the holiday spirit? Because this time of year is so steeped in tradition for me, and because I was so lucky Full Article