Writing in the Summer

I have to admit that sitting down at my desk and writing each day in the summer is a huge challenge. And frankly this summer, I haven’t been up to it!

My teenagers are home (although two of them are working this summer) and we’ve had wonderful visits from guests and … frankly I’ve been spending more time organizing my house and lying on the beach than actually writing.

I know I should be in my office six to eight hours a day working on the next manuscript but I just am not at all motivated. And next week I’m going on vacation! Then I’ll be back for a week, followed by hosting an exchange student for a week and then finally with another vacation (to the Oregon coast!). When I come back from that trip, I have to get my eldest son ready for college as he’s moving to the other side of the country!

So, yeah, summer has been a bit of a (sorry for the bad pun) write off. (I can hear you all groaning).

I am working on a few projects, if slowly. See my next post to read about my upcoming projects, one in particular that I’m completely stoked for.


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