Smokey Daze

Since Friday I’ve been moving in slow motion.  A bee sting and the subsequent allergic reaction resulted in my brain being grogged for Friday night and much of Saturday.  I declined to take anymore of the antihistamine after the nurse gave me the first mega-dose at the hospital, preferring to take my chances with a swollen hand than spend the weekend semi-conscious.

Saturday the fires started in Kelowna which resulted in our being glued to the television and radio stations for the first 24 hours.  After setting my blackberry to receive Twitter updates on the situtation I finally turned the media off.  But with the fires has come smoke and with smoke has come coughing in the form of my little 7-year old boy who suffers from serious asthma.  He just told him he feels sick, his throat is sore and his chest is tight.  I’m wondering how long we will plod along before it gets out of hand we either end up in the hospital or in Vancouver.  We are due to head to Vancouver on Friday anyway but my eldest son is in a jazz camp and has a concert Friday afternoon.  Complications.

And through it all I found time to apply for yet another job, think about lesson planning and move the final draft of my dissertation from my desk to the top of the printer from the printer to a chair and from the chair into a book bag in my bedroom.  It is mocking me as I skirt around the last few edits which will result in it being complete.  Procrastination at its worse.  I know I will likely find myself too busy and tired with caring for Matthew to do any work in the next few days but I can help finding things to do as I avoid what needs to be done (yesterday it was cleaning the kitchen and livingroom, washing the floors and doing laundry).

But now it is time to get out of this haze and move onward.  I am ready to finish those edits …

after lunch.

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