Happy New Year 2018

I’ve been terrible at keeping my blog up-to-date but I did want to write a post about my book reviews.

I have read/listened to an inordinate number of books in the last six months. I have a two hour a day commute to work so that means lots of time to listen to great new books. I also have become kind of addicted to Audible. Whenever I am cooking, cleaning or sorting laundry (or, really, just any kind of chore) I tend to listen to books on my device. And if it’s a really great plot with fantastic characters, I’ll listen while my husband is watching sports (then it’s like quality time together because we are in the same room even though we aren’t talking to each other).

As a result of this new book addiction, I have piles of reviews to write. So over the next few weeks I will be posting a number of reviews.

I am also now accepting only audio books for review. So if you’re an author looking for a review, keep that in mind.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy start to 2018! May this year be filled with adventures and characters you love!

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