Albatross by Chris Jordan


On a tiny island in the heart of the Pacific, a story is taking place that may change the way you see everything. Note: Albatross is a documentary film not a book. Background We have been following the story of this film for years now ever since we contributed to Full Article

Angle of Truth by Lindsay Buroker

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When Jelena Marchenko learns that her parents have incurred a huge debt due to her previous actions, she’s determined to find a way to pay it off. But running cargo doesn’t pay anything off quickly. She comes up with a scheme to turn herself and her eclectic crewmates into mercenaries, Full Article

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The Rogue Prince by Lindsay Buroker

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Starseer, pilot, and animal lover Jelena Marchenko wants to prove to her parents that she’s ready to captain her own freighter and help run the family business. When she finally talks them into getting a second ship and letting her fly it, it doesn’t faze her that the craft is Full Article

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