Born: January 3 1969

Location: Summerland, BC

Favorite Beverage: It’s a tie: coffee and wine!

Favorite Music: Jazz, Indie, Folk

Favorite Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Barbara Kingsolver, Lorna Crozier

Pastimes/hobbies: Writing, biking, socializing

Some more about Cathi

I began writing at an early age. The first person outside of my family to comment on my writing ability was my Junior High School English teacher, Gail Mckay. When I think back, it was definitely the encouragement I received from that teacher (and others along the way) that helped me develop into the writer I am today.

After finishing high school in Salmon Arm, I went to Simon Fraser University and studied English Literature. Although I was unpublished at the time, I continued to write poetry and wrote three unpublished novels shortly after I completed my bachelor’s degree (they are all just horrible but through writing them I learned how to actually sit down and finish writing a 50,000 word book!).
In 2008, my family and I relocated to the Okanagan Valley and I continued to teach writing at the university and college level. I also worked with a good friend and colleague to rewrite an American textbook (Writing Today), which was published in 2013. And I finally started to write again for fun. I blogged a bit and then I sat down and wrote a novel (currently unpublished). That was the start. In November 2012, I entered the Novel in a Month challenge and wrote every day for 30 days. That’s where the first draft of Five Corners was born! By the end of November I had the first complete copy of my book!
Since then I have continued to write and publish. Some days it is a challenge to sit down and write. I’ve revisited my poetry and have been working on several collections of poetry. I also write reviews regularly. Writing is a tough career, especially if you seek publication. My advise to people breaking into the field, keep writing, keep submitting, read every rejection, take what helps you from the advise, then revise, edit, resubmit. Don’t be discouraged … sometimes a pass just means that publisher isn’t a good fit for you!
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